Monitoring Equipment List

Private gear !

Monitoring - personal

Watch - not your phone (there is no electricity to charge phones), battery watch on your wrist

Binoculars - that can tolerate moisty and wet conditions: 8x36 or 10x42

Thermos - steel thermos that contains at least 750cl and keeps liquids warm for 6+ hrs

Insulating seat (like a bite of insulating mattress)

Rubber/waterproof outfit, an extra rainproof trousers and jacket, waterproof gloves (we can be sitting in the rain for hours, and it is important that you remain dry and warm)

Rucksack at least 30l to carry all the gear up to the observing point – a waterproof rucksack is ideal

Drybags for packing individual items inside the rucksack, especially if you have a non-waterproof rucksack

Camping - personal

Sleeping tent - that is waterproof to at least 3000mm and can tolerate wind too = large enough for you and your gear

Insulating mattress (e.g. Thermarest) - the floor is cold

Sleeping bag - for down to 0°C at least (3-4 season)

Fleece blanket (optional)

Pocket knife

Goretex shells - top and bottom (wind and rainproof)

Mid- layers = at least 2 fleece and/or wool jackets and 2 hiking trousers

Inner layers = soft wool is vital, at least 2 tops and 2 pairs of long johns, thermals

Warm "indoor" inner layers to sleep in = that never leave the tent and stay dry

Mittens and rainshells = at least 3-4 pairs of woolen mittens and waterproof gloves are highly recommended

Socks - at least 6 pairs of good warm socks (plus at least one hiking socks that prevent you from blisters)

Sleeping socks that never leave the tent

Sleeping thermals

Cap/hat - at least two and a Buff or scarf is also quite convenient

Hiking boots, should be in good condition and waterproof

Rubber boots (toilet walk is 800m each way and we prefer staying dry on our feet, grass is always wet. Many people wear wellington boots for the entire trip as the ground can stay wet, so bring boots that are comfortable. Also useful for getting in and out of the zodiac, and for crossing streams)

Slippers or something at the camp (optional, we don't have to cross rivers)

Drying towel, other personal things to keep clean ..

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Pillow (optional)

Something to read

First aid - painkillers, disinfector, second skin, band aid... You are responsible for yourself and your health

Vitamins (optional)

Tape for repairing your tent (optional)

Baby wipes for cleaning, remember not to drop it in the toilet ..

Sun protection - yes we are outdoors all day and the sun could show up

Water bottle, like the 500cl plastic bottle or something

Battery alarm clock

Other stuff you might like to bring:

Bear in mind that there are no electric charging points at Hornvik. Therefore, you need to avoid electrical items, i.e. bring book instead of electronic reader, a manual toothbrush rather than an electric one, a battery-powered alarm clock rather than a phone, sufficient spare batteries for cameras etc.