Pall Hersteinssons fund - established by our friends from Norway

In the memory of Pall Hersteinsson, his colleagues from Northern Norway have donated The Arctic Fox Centre a generous amount. We are largely grateful for this donation and proud to keep up Pall ́s name by continuing his work on studying the arctic foxes in Iceland.

The amount from the Norwegian scientist group will serve as an establishment of a new fund in the name of Pall Hersteinsson. We will have this fund open so that everyone can donate into it, in the name of our late mentor. The aim of this fund will be to promote studies on the arctic fox in Iceland and enhance international collaboration in arctic fox research.

Jana´s fund

Kristjana Samúelsdóttir was born in Alftafjordur, our fjord. Her father was Samúel, who worked at the farm Eyrardalur, where we are now housed. Kristjana, called „Jana" came for a visit earlier this summer and was thrilled about the Arctic Fox Centre and the rebuilding of the house. She decided to donate the center and so she did, she went to the bank and took care of things already the next day.

Now we have just opened the account for „Jana´s fund" in the name of Jana (age 92) who donated us so generously last June. For those who want to support The Arctic Fox Centre for the continued maintenance and restoration of the Eyrardalsbæ house you can donate Jana´s fund. Below are information about the account number. We will do our best to use the money wisely.

Fund Name: Jönusjóða

Bank name: Landsbankinn hf

Bank Address: Hafnarstræti 19, Ísafjörður 400, ICELAND

account nr: 0154-15-250394

kennitala ID: 660907-1060

IBAN: IS58 0154 1525 0394 6609 0710 60


Thank you