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Our Museum.

The Arctic Fox Centre holds the world’s only exhibition dedicated to the Arctic Fox, Iceland’s first land mammal. Our exhibition and staff will educate you on Arctic foxes, their biology, habits and habitats which make them such an incredible animal. We also have displays on the traditional and cultural interaction between humans and foxes as well as their modern day influence on Iceland and Icelanders.

Our Research.

During the summer months of June, July and August we monitor the wild fox populations on the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, which has been an ongoing project since 1998.

Our main research is the data collection of hunted fox carcasses, donated to the centre by fox hunters from all over the country we record size, age, sex, stomach contents, pup births and many other variables.

Live Arctic Fox Ambassador Animals.

Here at the Arctic Fox Centre we are taking care of a live Arctic fox who acts as our ambassadors for the species 🙂
He was found after his parents had been killed as part of the legalised arctic fox hunt which takes place here in Iceland in June 2015. Since then he has been raised by us to be human friendly and he is able to spark an interest in their species to all of our visitors.
His names is Móri and he is a blue morph male.