Photo collection / The Arctic Fox Centre, Hornvik in June 2009: ERU

  • Cliff Hornbjarg waiting for us
  • Magnificent Haelavikurbjarg, loaded with birds
  • The group sailing along the cliff - watching the birdlife
  • Lots of birds on the sea too
  • Langikambur and Teigkambur in Hornvik
  • Lunch a the very tip of Cliff Horn, Hornbjarg
  • Icy pond in the Mid-walley
  • Melting ice at the pond
  • Arctic fox female of the blue morph - resting in the sun
  • Sleepy
  • Yawning
  • Who are you?
  • More yawnings
  • Arctic fox female of the blue morph - finding food in the beach
  • Lucky, she found a bite of flatbread from tourists
  • Maybe there is some more food
  • Sunshine
  • If I smile - can I then get more food?
  • Licking the butter of her toes
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