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2013 Fox monitoring full

volunteers taking pictures at our anniversary :-)
volunteers taking pictures at our anniversary :-)
We have now filled up the monitoring weeks for the summer 2013, many thanks for all those who applied.
For those who want to come and help around at the centre, please contact and we´ll see if there is something you can find to do. Unfortunately we have to limit the number of people at the centre so check in advance if there is some help needed.
For those who want to apply now or later, please contact: melrakki@melrakki.is

Otherwise we wish you a happy summer and perhaps we see some of you here at the centre..

The fox pack

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The Fox Summer 2013

in the kitchen tent - photo by Bastien Louboutin
in the kitchen tent - photo by Bastien Louboutin
We have now listed up the projects awailable for next summer - those who have already applied should apply again and we find your "old" application as priotizing you into the schedule ! apply to melrakki@melrakki.is

- please find the schedule here to the left
- hope to be able to offer a lot of volunteers some work ..

For all volunteers:

The Arctic Fox Centre is a small, non-to-be-profit organization which relies on access fee and café sales as income to run the project.
We do not have any accommodation available at the centre. However, we offer free usage of the local camping place, ca 800m away from the centre. We offer a free soup and bread and nice coffee for our volunteers and there is a small grocery shop in the village. We work by spontaneous schedule on the volunteering process at the centre - meaning that independent volunteers with various skills can find themselves many useful things to do. For those who want to stay longer periods, we have access to apartment that can be shared with others for low budget.

For arctic fox monitoring, there are certain skills, gear, experience and physical condition required. Boat cost, 30.000;- IKR will be charged for those who tend to join us in monitoring arctic foxes in Hornvik. The amount goes for the boat ride back and forth. The boat ride is once a week to Hornvik so the monitoring will, as usual, take one week in total.

Amongst things that need to be done, for example: -       

At the centre

Fixing the pup den, developing the botanic garden, sow and plant vegetables, help around the centre and the café, preparing and taking active part in events and games for kids, guiding, creating information, text panels, kids programs, signs, photographing, graphical work, data analysis, computer work, music, art, baking, cooking, serving, cleaning, improving environmental policy, survey, education and information ... There is a guesthouse in the town that needs an extra help in change for accommodation, this would be ideal for one or two volunteers, willing to commitment for longer periods than one week and prefer a house.

Arctic fox monitoring

For those who are interested in arctic fox monitoring, certain skills and gear is required. We have two locations with different protection scale and tourist pressure. Hornvik is located within the Hornstrandir Nature reserve, where arctic foxes are protected, otherwise legally hunted in almost all other locations in the country. Cliff Horn is an isolated bird cliff at the northern tip of the Westfjords. We go there by a boat and the sailing can take 3-10 hours, depending on the sea and wind. In Hornvik we set up a camp in a private land. Hestur is also a private land, closer to the Arctic Fox Centre and can be accessed by a car.

More information about the projects are on the schedule

we thank you for your interest and look forward to see you at the centre
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The fox summer 2011

Volunteers: Dotan, Pete and Moritz, with Fjola, Fanney and Sonja
Volunteers: Dotan, Pete and Moritz, with Fjola, Fanney and Sonja
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We have now filled up the field work schedule for "the arctic fox summer 2011" - we thank you all, you that have shown interest and even applied. The Centre is build up by non-profit policy and your work is highly improving our capability in achieving our goals. This includes also those who have supported us by visiting, spreading the knowledge and giving us support in any way.

The nine volunteers we have had so far come from different countries and have various backgrounds. Soon we will be able to read about their experiences here on the web page.

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Program for Volunteers 2011

Abby Sullivan volunteering 2010. Photo: Jean Larson (also volunteering)
Abby Sullivan volunteering 2010. Photo: Jean Larson (also volunteering)
We have established the volunteering program for this year. For those who are interested in volunteering at the Arctic Fox Centre can look at the plan here: http://melrakki.is/greinar/skra/42/ and see if there are interesting projects you want to join in.
If you have other ideas, please contact us and we will see if those can fit in. We are especially interested in activity programs for kids of all ages. Independent and creative people can find many interesting ways to help around.

Other volunteering programs can be found for example on these web pages: