June survey 2020

Scat collection
Scat collection
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Monitoring survey in Hornstrandir will take place 20 June to 2 July 2020.

Volunteers are required to spend 12 days in Westfjords, thereof two days in Súðavík before, and two days after, the survey to Hornstrandir.
The two days before will be used to prepare the field trip, pack the gear and food and be ready for take off. 
The two days after will be used to clean and store the gear and to fill out spreadsheets with data collected in the field.
The Arctic fox centre will provide accommodation in Súðavík during these 4 days "on land".

Volunteers are responsible for other travels and need to be in Súðavík in time, two days before departure.

Information about the surveys and the gear, as well as other valuable information can be found here: