The Arctic Fox Centre has lots of experience working with professional and passonate photographers and film makers and providing them with expert knowledge and onsite assistance to capture amazing, intimate footage and material for their projects.

We work very closely with local tour operators who are able to provide full logistical support for both short and long term projects including if needed boat transfers to and from Hornstrandir, accommodation both on and off of the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, food supplies, base camp name it and we can get it organised.

Each project is individually tailored to your requirements and expectations, although there are certain factors, such as the foxes and the weather which obvioulsy cannot be accounted for!

When planning your project please keep this in mind:

Photographing and filming in Hornstrandir nature reserve requires permit from the Environmental agency. Please fill out the permit and apply to the agency in time:

Arctic fox dens are protected by law (Act 64/1994) and should not be disturbed during May - July. Please be careful around breeding animals and nesting birds. Drones are not allowed in the nature reserve.
Scheduled (and therefor cheaper) boat transfers to and from Hornstrandir run from mid June to the end of August

Arctic foxes of white and blue (brown) colour morphs are found all over the area and nature reserve, although the white morph accounts for a lower percantage of the population.

White Arctic foxes change colour in spring to grey, so "white nessesary" projects will be in the winter time

For more information and to start planning your trip please contact