Photo: Vilhelm Gunnarsson
Photo: Vilhelm Gunnarsson
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The Arctic Fox Center is a research an exhibition center, focusing on the arctic fox in time and space; past and presence - worldwide.

Our collaborations come from various fields, research institutes, the authorities, private people, foxhunters, travel agencies, etc..

The Arctic Fox Centre is a non-profit member of the project 1% for the planet
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We emphasize on joint effort in research and monitoring on the arctic foxes of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve - the kingdom of arctic foxes in Iceland - in collaboration with Hornstrandir Center (, Nature Research Center of Westfjords ( and the University of Iceland Research Center of Westfjords (

We are active partners in a Nordic project The Wild North (, in collaboration with partners in Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Northern Norway. 

West tours and Borea Adventures are tourist agencies that specialize in wildlife tours as well as various other adventures. We have offered them our guidance and consulting in wildlife tours.

All these are also co-partners in The Wild North project.

The "shooting department"

Uri Golman is the AFC´s official photographer and works on a project on the arctic foxes of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, throughout their life, in all seasons - as an important top-predator of the ecosystem which is characterized by huge bird cliffs and coastal habitats. Uri comes from Denmark, he is an Ambassador of Canon and a proud member of International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP).

Tobias Mennle is a German film producer who works on a documentary about Icelandic nature with arctic foxes as the characterized species. Tobias has been working with his project since March 2009 when he came with his assistant, Frank Drygala, a wildlife biologist. We have done our best to provide the best scenario for filming the foxes in their natural surroundings of the magnificent landscape of Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.

Daníel Bergmann is and Icelandic photographer, specialized in wildlife. Daníel has donated us with many of his photos of arctic foxes, which we proudly present on our online-photo gallery. Daníel has a valuable experience in photographing Icelandic wildlife and we are proud to work with him.

we have also been so lucky to work with and get donated photos and other material from others, see our online web-gallery: