Photo collection / A day in the Centre

  • Ready for a wedding
  • A private stamp collection at the café
  • Frosti held by
  • Frosti´s
  • The view from The Centre - Álftafjordur
  • Lilja and Haukur (Skundi) sing a song
  • Our path to the river being made
  • The outdoor area, great view to the mountains
  • nice to sit and read with a cold drink
  • blowing soap bubbles, always fun
  • Yoga in the morning sun with Martha at Ljosyoga
  • at the café, ready for the day
  • a new baked waffle with foxy rubarb jam and cream
  • Rúna Esra, one of our smiling staff members
  • Mikolaj - laundry messenger nr. one
  • these three came biking from the South
  • Kindergarden kids came for a visit
  • The kids playing under Mt. Kofri
  • Mekkín takes care of Frosti
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