16.03.2012 - 23:01

you want a seat?

Photo: Žóršur Siguršsson
Photo: Žóršur Siguršsson
The Arctic Fox Centre will open again after thorough restoration process during Easter. We will open on Thursday, April 5th. 

As many of you know, we throw various cultural events on the loft in Eyrardalur, the old but renovated house of the Arctic Fox Centre. To ensure that our visitors have good seats, we need to buy 40 chairs for the loft but hitherto we have borrowed chairs from the elementary school in Sudavik.

We are inviting our friends and supporters to "ensure a seat" by buying a chair that will be labeled with the donator´s name. Penninn, the importer of the chairs will contribute with 5.000 IKR for each chair bought. The prize for the donator is thus 15.000,- for each seat.

The easiest way to ensure a seat is to deposit the amount into our supporting fund´s account:
Bank: Landsbanki Íslands
IBAN 1558 0154 1525 0394 6609 0710 60
send confirmation to e-mail: melrakki@melrakki.is - text "seat & name of donator"

For those who are not familiar with our work:
The Arctic Fox Centre is a non-profit research and exhibition centre, focusing on the arctic fox, Vulpes lagopus; the only native terrestrial mammal in Iceland. The share holders are 58, individuals, companies and municipalities. All income, e.g. grants, café exhibition, goes into building up the exhibition and conducting studies on arctic foxes.

We have open from 10 - 22 every day from June 1st until August 15th. During Easter we have open on Thursday to Monday from 12 - 18. In other periods we have open by agreement. We have nice facilities for meetings and little conferences as well as internet access.

Further information will be given by Ester Rut Unnsteinsdóttir, our director. Just call +354 456 4922 or e-mail us at: melrakki@melrakki.is

look forward to see you