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Frosti on the day of his freedom, November 5th
Frosti on the day of his freedom, November 5th
There are many ongoing projects at The Arctic Fox Centre despite our winter closing, this is the time to prepare for the coming summer and the many projects we want to accomplish this year.

We have had several guests this year and our visitors have had to show patience towards construction works since the house is being restored a bit. Last weekend we had a bus load of happy people from Oddfellow, on an adventure tour and that was fun. Never have so many people gathered in our little café but everyone's faces were smiling and the guests were thrilled about the house and the exhibition. Inga Vala and Lilja served light refreshments while "Little Skundi" played live music. Thorsteinn from muurikka.is brought smoked mussels from the fjord - delicious light food which we´d love to have on our menu next summer (great with beer or white wine)..

We are preparing the volunteer´s schedule for next summer and this will be listed up on a special site on our web page soon. There interested people can choose project, time and send an e-mail to see if we can agree. This is new for us because we have never had so many volunteer offering (thanks to Lonely Planet Tour Guide). We could also use people with skills in techniques, statistics, graphical design, childreens guidance/playful education, puppies, theatre, music, garden design.... etc  

The first volunteers of this year will work on the project: "Where is Frosti?" and as it sounds, they will try to find Frosti, our little fox from last summer, locate him and see if he is ok and willing to participate in the "winter photographing period" ...

Next weekend The Arctic Fox Centre will take part in the conference "Without Destination" and have a lecture with other members in The Wild North group under the theme: Practicing Nature Based tourism. The conference is in English, free of charge and you can find it here: http://www.artmuseum.is/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-2182/3368_read-1723/date-1625/ We still have the „open by agreement" scedule and regular openings will begin in June. During the Easter we will probably have some event going on, which we will let you know on the web page in time.