03.08.2011 - 20:14

we have fun in August

In August we will not take it easy rather than in other months - and there will be some music at the Centre !

Next sunday, August 7th we will have Skúli mennski, the very human Trubador Skúli, who has the deapest voice and the most ironic lyrics in the region. Skúli will be accompanied with our good friend Mugison and together they will probably form the most creative duet in the history of this town ...
the concert starts at 20.00 and the entrance fee is only 1.000,-   we have filled the cooler with cold beer and white wine, the coffee is also great !!

On Saturday, August 13th we will play as many types of games and cards as possible, we bring some for you to join in and you can also bring your own or whatever - this will be a nice treat for us who love joining others in various table games and playing cards ... we will start at 20.00

The Blueberry festival takes place in Súðavík on the weekend 26. - 28. of August ... more of that later ... further on www.blaberjadagar.com