28.07.2012 - 18:34

various activities

Our puppet theathre is always popular but we invite the puppet foxes to visit us every Saturday at 4 o´clock. We have now two art exhibitions by local artists at our centre, one is a collection of small watercolour paintings of arctic foxes. The other is various sized collection of acryl paintings with women in Icelandic national costume in colourful surroundings. We also have a private stamp collection of arctic foxes from all over the world, a unique sample of very special stamps, postcards etc.

The family of our late mentor and protector, Prof. Pall Hersteinsson came for a visit to see what we have built up around his vision and in his memory. They have decided to make an effort to re-publish his books on the arctic foxes and we will then be able to offer our visitors to read and buy them at our centre. It was a giving visit for all of us and it´s good to know that we still have an active backland from his family and friends.

Our little fox cubs are not so little anymore since they grow fast - fed by the local pet food Murr. Our volunteers take good care of them and feed them well. The foxes are already on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and several blogs - so famous..

Volunteers come and, unfortunately also leave, but we have been very lucky to have some of them longer than only one week. In July we have had Lorraine and Francis from Cébec, cleaning around the lawn, taking care of fox cubs and picking rhubarb for the jam and pie. Bradley and Kimberly, along with their daughter Zada and Suzanne and Josh went to Hornvik for arctic fox monitoring. Afterwards, Suzanne and Josh stayed in the centre for a while. She translated the exhibition text in French and Josh has worked in the garden, built up arty stone sculptures, fed the cubs and helped in the Café. Sebastian and Cedric have helped a lot inside and outside in the Centre, fed the cubs and chat to visitors in French. It is a lifely society and we love having all these helpers around. As before, we can only offer the camping place, soup and bread but so far, everyone is happy.

We have now this great beautiful book about the local food of westfjords´s nature. It is available in English and German and is simply a great reading, beautiful photos of the nature and food and is full of great recipies. We sell that book on lower prize than the airport shop so go ahead. The authors will come and sign the book on the blueberry festival.

Talking about Blueberries - we will celebrate them at 24. - 26. August, eat them, pick them, cook from them and play with them. Everyone just has to come, it will be great. We start on Friday 24th with music in three locations of the town. On Saturday we begin with the run and end with the dance - all day has activity and events, games, handcraft, potlock, music, bonfire, etc.. and the Arctic Fox Centre is ofcourse the heart of everything.

As before, the Hornstrandir soup has become a legend, with the homebaked bread it´s delicious and full of magical powers. as everyone knows, everything is homebaked at the centre, cakes, soup, rhubarb jam,... etc

The fox cake is great for desert but is loosing in the competition with our finest blueberry pie, made from brand new blueberries, handpicked in our nearest environment only a few minutes ago...    

We have been so lucky to have local musicians playing on our loft at our weekly acustic consert nights - great environment to enjoy evenings with nice music and happy people ...  come and join !