21.10.2012 - 23:59

valuable gifts in the memory of our master

Margrét Ásgeirsdóttir hands over the donation
Margrét Ásgeirsdóttir hands over the donation
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Last Saturday, October 13th, it was one year from the death day of our dear friend and mentor, Professor Pall Hersteinsson. Late Pall was a respectful and prolific scientist both in Iceland and abroad.

Pall´s studies on the arctic fox began in the 70´s and lasted for over 32 years - leading to valuable findings on the biology and ecology of the species. The Arctic Fox Centre has now taken over the studies and we will do our best to keep up the good work that Pall established. As we acknowledged one year ago, Pall´s colleagues from Norway, collected some amount of money and donated it to The Arctic Fox Centre in his memory. With this money, we established a fund in the memory of Dr. Pall Hersteinsson. The aim of this fund is to support further studies on the species in Iceland and promote international collaboration. On October 13th, one year from Pall´s death day, we received valuable gifts in the memory of his name. His mother, Margrét Ásgeirsdóttir, donated the memorial fund of Pall Hersteinsson, a considerable amount. Furthermore, Pall´s widow, Ástríður Pálsdóttir, gave us a spectacular tv screen that will be useful at our exhibition. We are grateful for these gifts and will do our best to use them in the way we believe that Pall would have wanted.   For those who want to support the Arctic Fox Centre and continuous studies of the arctic fox in Iceland, we refer to the memorial fund of Professor Pall Hersteinsson, 1% for the planet and the Jana´s fund. Further information on the funds can be found here at the web page.

On the behalf of the Arctic fox Centre, I wish to thank for all the support.

Ester Rut Unnsteinsdóttir, director