31.07.2010 - 21:26

thousand guests !

guest nr. 1000
guest nr. 1000
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Many people have now come to visit the Arctic Fox Center and today we handed out ticket nr. 1000. It was this little girl, Harpa Dís, who came with her parents and little brother. She got her fathers ticket but ofcourse it is free for kids who come to the exhibition with their parents.
Other guests of the weekend were Eggert and Michelle Nielson but they run Iceland Tour Guy and rent out houses here in Sudavik. We took the picture of Michelle in her brand new t-shirt with „Arctic Fox on the road" sign.
Frosty is happy in his new fence but he just got a food contract with the local pet food company Murr - high quality product.
Yesterday we sadly said goodbye to Fanney and Hjörleifur, who have been working with us all summer, besides Runa and Inga Vala. Now Fjola has joined us and we certainly hope Fanney and Hjörleifur will come and work with us again next summer.
As before, we have open 10-22 all days - the exhibition fee is 800kr but free for kids with parents.
Welcome to the Arctic Fox Center