21.02.2009 - 20:20

International conference

An International conference on Arctic Fox Biology was held in Jämtland in Sweden 16th to 18th February 2009. The participants were scientists that work on Arctic Fox Research programs in various regions of the northern world. The planning and orgainzation was in the hands of Nina Eide at NINA (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research), Anders Ångerbjörn and Karin Norén from The University of Stockholm and SEFALO (The Swedish-Finnish-Norwegian Arctic Fox Project). There were lectures on various fields of biology and physiology from researches as far apart as Wrangel island, Bylot islands, Svalbard, Alutian islands, Mednyi islands, Scandinavia, Iceland, Finland, Greenland, Alaska, Canada.......
10.11.2008 - 16:25

A fox tour next summer !

Fox tour next summer
The travel agency F-stop tours has planned a tour next summer, including a route to the arctic foxes of Hornstrandir with a guidance from The Arctic Fox Center.
The tour will take place in early July and takes in whole 4 days - whereas the participants will stay in The Factor House in Isafjordur and in the Lighthouse of the remote Natural Reserve Hornstrandir.
We recommend this tour to anyone loving nature and wildlife !

From the F-stop tours web page:
Starting July 1st, our tour takes us by a 40-minute domestic Air Iceland flight from Reykjavík, north to the town of Ísafjörður. With 4,000 residents, it is the largest community in the West Fjords . We have time to roam the town's historical section, enjoy the numerous classic buildings and watch the bustling harbour activities. Our first night's stay is in a cozy local guesthouse and the historic Faktors House. The next morning, we leave by boat for the Hornbjarg area, one of Iceland's most prolific bird cliffs. After the 2-2.5 hr. trip, we arrive just below the Arctic Circle, where foxes and birds have co-existed long before man appeared.

Further information on the page http://www.f-stoptours.com/foxtour09stuff/foxtour2.html