11.11.2015 - 11:26

Kyle Wollard and Skli Mennski with free cozy Sunday concert

Kyle Woolard
Kyle Woolard
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We are so lucky this Sunday to welcome Kyle Woolard, lead singer/songwriter of Anotomy of Frank and the always popular Skúli Mennski to our loft for cozy hot co-co solo performances, and we are inviting all to come and enjoy it with us by offering it as a free, open doors concert :-)

The doors will open at 20:30 and the performances begin at 21:00

Hot chocolate with cream and served with home made chocolate will be available, aswell as the café and bar being open :-)

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday

The Short Story of Kyle Woolard

Kyle Woolard, the leader and songwriting force behind American post-pop quintet The Anatomy of Frank,
broke through with his solo act in 2012 during his first European tour. He takes the complexity of his band’s
orchestral epics and reproduces them on an acoustic guitar, charming audiences with orchestral nuance,
unforgettable melodies, and every emotion from melancholy to elation.
In 2014, Woolard embarked on fulfilling a childhood dream: he announced that The Anatomy of Frank
would record an album on every continent on earth, an extraordinary feat no other band in history has
attempted. “North America” is first, due for release in October 2015.

Press Clippings
“You should see people who come out of The Anatomy of Frank shows for the first
time - they are changed.” - Is Tommy Drunk?
“Dynamic, sincere, entertaining, captivating, and upbeat.” - Dance or Die; Listen or Lose
“People began dancing more, drumming on their bodies, and yelling...by the end of Woolard’s
set, the entire crowd was buzzing with energy.” - The Eastern Echo
“A highlight of the Melodica Festival in 2012.” - Reykjavik Grapevine
“Intelligent, often beautiful, sometimes thought-provoking, at other times rousing.” - Indie London

05.11.2015 - 14:10

Fox Pack Volunteers 2016 Needed

We have opened up our application process for Arctic Fox Centre Volunteers in 2015!
*Application closes on January 1st 2016

Over the years we have been so very lucky to have the help, support and friendship of many volunteers from all over the world who have allowed us to care for our orphaned fox pups, guide our visitors through the exhibition and open up the world of the Westfjords and the Arctic fox for all.

If you are interested in joing our pack then you can click this link to find out more information and the form you need to fill in.

you can read about the life af being a volunteer here with us on the volunteer blog

Looking forward to hearing from you

the Foxes of Súðavík!