17.05.2010 - 13:44

Westfjords Cultural grant

A red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Photo: Olger Kooring
A red fox (Vulpes vulpes). Photo: Olger Kooring
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The Arctic Fox Centre just received a grant from the Westfjords Cultural Association. The grant is for the project „Exhibiton Arctic Fox - a childreens guidance".
The project is about three characters, all being foxes but two of which are arctic foxes (blue male and white female) and the third is a red fox (Mikki) from Hakkebakkeskogen in Norway (Thorbjörn Egner). They all meet in The Arctic Fox Centre, they get to know each other and the childreen learn about the differences and similarities of the species and adaptions to various habitats and seasons by their conversation as cartoons and puppies.
The project will be developing throughout the year but hopefully we can bring those interesting foxes alive already this summer, thanks to the Westfjords Cultural Association grant.