18.12.2009 - 10:21

Westfjords Botanic Gardens

This plant is called
This plant is called "fox grass" in Icelandic since its common around arctic fox dens. Drawing by Jn Baldur Hliberg
The Arctic Fox Centre and Westfjords Natural History Institute have signed a contract on the project Westfjords Botanic Gardens. The Natural History Institute has already established a botanic garden in Bolungarvik of Westfjords but now the plan is to disperse the gardens in a wider context and the next step is to develop a botanic garden with plants of Westfjords around the beautiful old house where The Arctic Fox Centre is located in Sudavik. 
We hope that the garden with the collection of plants from Westfjords will become a delight attraction for people who wish to increase their knowledge on the Icelandic flora and fauna by visiting the Arctic Fox Centre in Sudavik.