10.09.2008 - 16:42

Tourist effects on wildlife

The Arctic Fox Center participated in a pilot study last summer (2008), regarding the effects of tourists on wildlife behaviour.

This study was a part of a larger project, named Ecotourism: Effects on wildlife behaviour.
The project's main objective was to find out if increasing ecotourism in Iceland is effecting wildlife behaviour in natural surroundings. other participants in this project were
  1. The Icelandic Seal Center, looking at seals in Illugastaðir, N-Iceland
  2. The Húsavík Research Center, which looked at whales in Skjálfandi Bay, NE-Iceland

Our aim was to monitore the arctic foxes in Hornstrandir Natural Reserve.
The project was supported by The Student Innovation Fund and it was Borgný Katrínardóttir, a biology student from The University of Iceland, that worked with us on the fox study.
The Westfjord Research Center of The University of Iceland contributed largely to the project, providing the student and facilities.