03.06.2010 - 22:45

Thousands of arctic foxes in Karl Johan square in Oslo !


Tomorrow, Friday, June 4th, thousands of children, dressed up like arctic foxes, come in a parade in front of the Royal Palace in Karl Johan Square, Oslo.
These kids are members of environment-ambassadors, a project of children for nature. They will be accompanied by ten ministers of the parliament of Norway, who will walk with them towards the Royal palace.
These children love the arctic fox and they will deliver thousands of beautiful drawings of the species. They want to point out the importance of all species of animals in Norway and build up a world with space for everyone; humans, animals and plants.
Nowadays there are only 50 adult arctic foxes in the country and 2000 other species endangered. In the next decade, 285 of those could become extinct.
The thousands of "arctic foxes", the ministers and other participants will learn each other a special arctic fox dance which will be danced in the art scenario at Spikesgruppa in Oslo tomorrow.
We hope to get a visit by Norwegian kids who can teach us the arctic fox dance so that we can dance with them at the arctic fox centre..