14.06.2010 - 00:20

The opening - photos

The opening of the Arctic Fox Centre was held last Saturday, June 12th
over 200 guests came and everyone was thrilled, including us, the people behind the centre
we had lots of greetings, for example from The President office, The minister of tourism, Katrín Júlíusdóttir, the minister of education, Katrín Jakobssdóttir, the minister of environment, Svandis Svavarsdóttir. Even Sir David Attenborough send us greetings, but he could not be there with us, busy making new extraordinary nature films for us.
From now on, the Arctic Fox Centre is open all days until the end of August from 10 in the morning to 18 (exhibition) and 10-22 (the CAFÉ). The Exhibition is a unique show about the arctic fox as the only original land mammal in Iceland, the hunting story and the story of the foxhunters.
We have great chocolate cake, brilliant coffee and warm waffles with rubarb jam and cream. We have open internet access and cold beer with snacks.
Feel welcome to visit us - learn and see - relax and enjoy
more photos of the opening are to be seen on the Sudavik web page