16.07.2010 - 15:23

The first month !

The wedding
The wedding
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First month
The first month since we opened has passed by and time goes fast here with the foxes. We have had over 500 guests, besides those 300 who came the first opening weekend. We have had lot of good gifts from old foxhunters, such as photos, books, stories, old tools etc. We were offered to house a private and very precious stamp collection from Helgi Gunnarsson in Rvk. A lady who knew the house in the old days gave us considerable amount of money which we used as the basic starting fee in a fund we will then use for future donations we might get from supporting people. The first thing we like to collect money for is a web camera that we can use to see the arctic foxes in the wild, on screen and on internet.

Last weekend we had a whole wedding ceremony here at the centre - the groom was born here in this house as well as his nine brothers and sisters. They wanted meet here and held a wedding on our loft with 40 guests. These people were thrilled about how well the house has been rebuilt and that it is now possible to visit it like this, enjoying the memories of the old times.

This morning we had yoga on the patio in the morning sun - very quiet and beautiful moment.

Tomorrow night we will have "foxy lady night" where women will meet and have fun together.

Frosti, the little artic fox pup, has been visiting the centre every now and then. At the moment we are putting a finishing touch on a fence for him here in the yard. Later we will release him into Heydalur where he will be allowed to live free under the supervision of the people from Heydalur.