05.09.2011 - 16:46

The Centre during the Winter

We have open by agreement and if no one is at the house, it is ok to call us at 456-4922 /862-8219 to open for you (if we are here).
More and Less (our arctic foxes) will be here at least into October and it is fun to see them grow winter fur.

There are several events taking place in September, such as lecture about the Grand General Committee (in Icelandic) and the autumn theatre tour by the Comedia theatre (in Icelandic). The house is rented out for meetings and other events and if you want to place an order, please call us or send e-mail to melrakki@melrakki.is.

Thank you for a great summer and hope to see you soon - special thanks to those who decided to donate us and help around with the project.