04.05.2010 - 09:19

The Arctic Fox Center in Iceland Pearls

Jn rason from Bildudalur is famous for viking tales
Jn rason from Bildudalur is famous for viking tales
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Last weekend there was an exhibition in Perlan, Reykjavík - where all regions of Iceland were introduced as "The Pearls of Iceland". Of course the West fjords are the most precious pearls and The Arctic Fox Centre consider itself as one.
We took two of our four legged friends with us (stuffed arctic foxes of various colors) and they fitted well in amongst old driftwood and sea rocks.

We recommend a tour around West fjords since it is without a doubt one of the greatest pearl of Icelandic nature:
Beautiful and various landscape, huge bird cliffs, guidance on mountains and fjords, kayaks, sailboat, hiking, skiing, jogging, bird watching, and not least: the paradise of birds and arctic foxes - Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.
- not to mention local food, music and exhibitions with natural and historical heritage, in each region; vikings, predators, monsters and magic..