18.09.2013 - 17:53

The 4th International Conference in Arctic Fox Biology

The 4th International Conference in Arctic Fox Biology

The Arctic Fox Centre, in collaboration with other research institutes in Iceland and abroad, welcome you to the 4th International Arctic Fox Conference, held for the first time in Iceland. The Conference takes place from October 11th to 13th 2013 in Hotel Nupur, at The Westfjords of Iceland.

The arctic fox is a circumpolar species, inhabiting continental and island areas of the arctic. Studies on the species in Alaska, Canada, Geenland, Iceland, Svalbard, Norway Sweden, Russia and other areas will be introduced. The conference is an ideal forum for photo sessions and documentary film introductions. All interested contenders can attain the conference.


Brief schedule

On Friday the 11th of October at 10.00 the conference will be set formally and the program will be the same on Friday and Saturday, with plenary talks and lectures on the various fields of arctic fox research. We will take lunches around 12.00 and coffee breaks at 15.00 and end the sessions of the day at 17.00. Dinners will be served at 19.00 and poster sessions will take place all days.


On Sunday, the 13th we dedicate the day to late Prof. Pall Hersteinsson's memory and introduce various projects he took part in regarding arctic fox studies. The full program for Sunday has connections to late Hersteinsson´s work and everyone can contribute to the program.

The conference ends with a summary and discussions of the last days work and termination at 17.00 on Sunday.


Further information on program and registration is here on the conference´s webpage