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Sunny days and support

From the skate mass 27. July
From the skate mass 27. July
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The Arctic Fox Centre is getting stronger every day since our back land is growing with more and more members. Since the Centre is a non-profit private organisation and open for new share owners, we sometimes get visitors who want to take active part in supporting our work. Now we have 69 members, thereof nine non-Icelandic. As an example, Ann and Robert Buxbaum from USA, Anders Thingnes from Norway and Tommy Forsström from Sweden all visited the centre and became members. We also know that Anders Angerbjörn and Karen Norén from Sweden got their share as a present, but this is getting more popular here in Iceland too. We are proud to hear of our newest members who have roots to our house. The last couple who lived here in the old farm of Eyrardalur had ten children. One of them, Jóna, moved to USA when she was 17 and established a family there. Her son and his family came to Sudavik for a visit in July and they are now our newest members. Besides becoming members of The Arctic Fox Centre they also ensured themselves seats at the Arctic Fox Café so they can definitely choose the best seat in the house in every visit. We are grateful and proud of our now members and we will do our best to fulfil their and all other visitors´ expectations.

The latter part of July has been extremely sunny and mild so our patio has been full of people enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and the Café´s refreshments. It has been common to hand out sun protection in between coffee and home made pastry. We have served our famous Fox-rhubarb waffles, oatmeal-rhubarb pie and French fox chocolate cake. Some days we have also served specialities such as croissant, a delicious rhubarb cheesecake and raw chocolate cake without sugar, & flour wheat – it was our dear volunteer Juice (Juliann Schamel) who left us in tears yesterday. But, she gave us a little home made book with her recipes and now we will practise our skills in baking more complicated pastry on good days :-)

Number of visitors have exceeded all our expectations this summer, despite the fact that the parking place and surrounding area is being re arranged with a bit of disturbance for us and our visitors. Some days it has been almost like a traffic jam since only a part of the parking place is open now. We hope that this will all be over in mid to late August as planned; we apologize for the inconvenience and thank all our visitors for their patience. We look forward to having our surrounding neat, clean and safe for our visitors when all this is finished.

There are more constructions in the village of Sudavik, for example the carpenter Arnar Guðmundsson has built a beautiful bridge over our river Eyrardalsá, a nice barbecue shelter at the camping place and will soon build a bird watching facility close to the pond in Langeyri. Soon our surrounding area and the whole village will be even cleaner and nicer to visit.

We offer quiet and relaxed atmosphere, great family playground Raggagarður, our café and many nice hiking routes around our village Sudavik.

Examples from our menu: Breakfast buffet (1000 kr), Soup and bread (1000 kr), Traditional fish stew (1200 kr), home made waffles with rhubarb jam and cream (600 kr), oatmeal, rhubarb pie (600 kr), Chocolate-fox cake (700 kr), cold and warm drinks …

Welcome for a visit