29.05.2011 - 20:10

Summer time

The Arctic Fox summer 2011 is beginning and on June 1st we have open from 10-22 as will be the opening time for the rest of the summer. We offer you Arctic Fox Café, Exhibition, Theater loft, Nature films, childrens corner and conserts all summer. At The Café we have traditional pastry as before and a brand new soup&bread as well as smooties from fresh fruits. Beer and wine will be available and we have a special brand from Borg Brugghús. Later during the summer we will offer various blueberry dishes in relation to Blueberry days in Augst 26th to 28th.
We will have some of our "old" but also new staff members as well as helpers around at the centre this summer. Mauritz from Germany has been with us for two weeks and has shown great talents in lecturing, guiding at the exhibition, baking waffles and serving coffee - we call him Móri, a traditional male arctic fox name in Iceland. We have had some volunteers already, such as lexie and Conor from US, Tobi and Karlien from Belgium, Sabrina and Remco from Netherlands, and Móri.

The arctic fox monitoring in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve will begin in mid June and there will be some arctic fox watching tours too.