26.05.2009 - 11:00

Summer plans

Arctic fox pup at den in July
Arctic fox pup at den in July
We are now planning the Arctic Fox Summer since May is almost gone and June will be the busiest time for the species - cubs are born and parents have plenty of work to do.

We will join the foxes in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve with Tobias and Frank and three volunteers, Henry, Tanja and Danielle in early June.

The filmers will carry on with their project that started in March and proceed on "a year in arctic fox life" documentary - this will be done in a responsible way and in collaboration with our experts ofcourse.

Henry, Tanja and Danielle will monitor arctic foxes on a den, as the first session out of three in the Wild North project we started last summer: Tourist effects on arctic foxes at dens. As before, we will be there in early June (before tourists), in mid July (high thourists) and then in august (after tourists) and compare certain behavioral factors and responses to human activity.

Later in June we will get another film crew from French TV, Channel 5 - including Marie Helene Baconnet who has done some documentary films on wildlife in many countries.  

We certainly hope that the summer will be good for arctic foxes and everyone else who loves the outdoor nature and wildlife