30.09.2015 - 09:06

Summer 2015

WOW, what a summer we hav just had here at the Arctic Fox Centre, and the time has just flown by!

First I have to give a big thankyou to all of our guests, we have met so many wonderful people from all over the world who have walked through our doors ready to meet and learn all about arctic foxes, our work and life in general in the wonderful Westfjords :-) and this year we have had more than ever before, in just 2 years we have had a 200% increase in visitors which is astonishing, just imagine if the fox population was doing the same!!

Thankfully, as always we have had an amazing fox pack of staff, interns, volunteers and friends who have made the summer such an enjoyable experience for all; Genka returned for her 3rd summer with us and took control in the kitchen, Fríðrik Hólm joined her in May and then Snæfríður, Sýlvia and Arney completed the team in June, July and August. Our two interns Chloe and Doraine joined us in also in June from France and Switzerland.

June is always a good month as that is when we usually receive the orphaned fox pups, and this year was no different with Ingi and Móri arriving towards the end of the month, they are Blue morph brothers and best of friends :-) They are also the first foxes to enter into our brand new all year fox enclosure which was completed in June after a long process of design and construction. This new enclosure not only offers the foxes a much improved environment in which to live and play, including an indoor den, mud piles for plenty of digging (an arctic foxes favourite passtime) and alot more space to run around in, but also means our guests can enjoy them alot more with a larger diametre fencing (good for fitting a camera lens through!) and the path which leads all the way around the enclosure.
The enclosure hasnt been our only improvement this year, as inside we have extended our exhibition space to incoporate both floors of the house, developed a new area where our reseach and work is shown and explained aswell as creating a specialized souvenir area and shop.