16.03.2010 - 10:36

Stamp and postcard collection at the Café

A brief sample of Helgi“s collection
A brief sample of Helgi“s collection
The Arctic Fox Centre will open at 12 o´clock on June the 12th next summer. The Arctic Fox Café will also open and it will be nice for everyone to sit at the Café, indoors or outdoors, and make further plans of the tour, or just enjoy the beautiful landscape of Álftafjörður.

At the Café we will have some room for little exhibitons and the first will be of a stamp and postcard collection from Helgi Gunnarson, who has collected stamps, postcards and envelopes from all over the world, decorated by various arctic foxes. It is an honour for us at the centre to be able to show the collection to our guests and we look forward to have it.