27.07.2009 - 16:10

Second monitoring week of the research

Tame fox female in Hornvķk. Photo: Frank Drygala
Tame fox female in Hornvķk. Photo: Frank Drygala
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Our second week in the research „Tourist effects on arctic foxes in Hornstrandir" took place in mid-July. We were so lucky to have Henry Fletcher and Danielle Stollak as volunteers, they are students in the University Centre of Westfjords. They monitored foxes at a den, which is located in the middle of a tourist path, for 8 hours a day in a five day session.

The most obvious changes from June monitoring was that some foxes get really tame during the tourist season, others get more shy and avoid activity during the day. It is a striking difference between breeding and non-breeding animals since the latter once have plenty of time to chase tourists, pose in pictures and beg for food. These are the individuals that we should focus on when looking for „victims" to take photos. They have no responsibilities and approach people freewilling and we can spend time with them without effecting their lifetime suggess.

We still have one week to go - namely the August session of the monitoring. Then we will see how the animals behave after the tourists have ceased and the pups have grown older and more independent of den sites and parental care. If you want to join in as a volunteer, please contact the Arctic Fox Center via webform.