04.03.2011 - 10:12

School visits

Sigursteinn in the elementary school of Bolungarvik
Sigursteinn in the elementary school of Bolungarvik
Ester, from The Arctic Fox Centre and Sigursteinn Másson, from IFAW visited all elementary schools in northern Westfjords during the last days. Later on we hope to get a chance to visit schools in the southern part of Westfjords and Strandir.

Sigursteinn introduced animal welfare and projects where animal and human welfare were combined while solving problems caused with conflicts between humans and wildlife.  Ester went into ecology and ecosystems and how these factors are important for animal welfare and the abilities we have to utilize the nature in a sustainable way. The Wild North project was introduced, the aims and ideas of the project as well as the Arctic Fox Centre´s rule, in collaboration with other partners, in Westfjords and wider.
It is our hope that the younger generations will have the knowledge and awareness needed to be able to solve many of the problems that we, the older ones, have left for them to deal with. They will need all the effort they can get and sustainability is a key word for the coming generations if the nature is supposed to be the major resorce in the future as it has been in the past.