06.05.2010 - 09:47

Preparing, opening June 12th

the white one sleeping
the white one sleeping
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We are now preparing the opening in June 12th and the carpenters, electrician and plumbers are working hard to finish the house in time.
The exhibition is in full progress and even though many of the obstacles we will use are still at „home" (a private property), some things are already in house (at least the director´s house). We just received 6 stuffed foxes from Þorvaldur Björnsson but Guðmundur Jakobsson has provided the animals (from regular hunting), with a little help from other hunters. Amongst the stuffed foxes are one sleeping white fox in winter fur, one playful almost full grown pup of white colour morph and then a winter fox from the rare beige colour morph, sometimes called „landrover". Furthermore, a female in blue winter fur, just sitting and a big male in winter fur of the blue morph with a lot of white/silver in its fur and seabird (winter custom) in its mouth.
We have got a lot of great gifts for the exhibition, as well as many borroved objects: for example two photos (Þórður Sigurðsson and Michelle Nielson), guestbook (Gunna Beta leather smith), fox tang (Ólafur Ö. Ólafsson), a gun (Helgi Bjarnason) and a drying mechanism for preparing fox skin (Kristján from Hvítanes).