18.05.2010 - 19:24

Photo Expedition - Fox Watching Day

An arctic fox (white morph) in Hornvik, summer 2009. Photo: Matt Willen
An arctic fox (white morph) in Hornvik, summer 2009. Photo: Matt Willen
Wildlife and landscape photography May 29, 2010 in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. Hornstrandir, a Nature Reserve since 1975, is a remote area with majestic bird cliffs, unspoiled nature and wildlife.

The arctic fox was the only terrestrial mammal in Iceland when the settlers arrived in the 9th century. In Hornstrandir Nature Reserve the arctic foxes have been protected since 1995 and it is now a sanctuary to Iceland´s most dense arctic fox population. Due to the protection, the arctic foxes in Hornstrandir have become tame and curious of the people passing by, making it an outstanding place to photograph them.

In late May it is a breeding season for both foxes and birds. The male arctic fox is busy foraging and defending the territory. The female spends most of her time inside the den with newborn cups and the male brings her food while the pups are too vulnerable to leave them. The cliff birds lay their eggs on the narrow shelves of the vertical walls in the cliff and the sound of million sea birds in the cliff is outstanding. Occasionally you see the gyrfalcons of Hornvik glide over the sea bird colonies as they also have mouths to feed, hatching earlier than other birds in the area.

Grab your camera and hop aboard! Your guide is an expert in the area and will lead you through the most photogenic places with cliff birds, arctic foxes and magnificent landscape, giving an exceptional opportunity for great pictures.

The tour starts in Isafjordur town, only a 40 min flight from Reykjavik, where the boat takes you to the unique nature of Hornvik bay, surrounded by Europe´s largest bird cliffs, steep mountains and an endless view.

Limited seats available. Please book before May 22nd.

Departure from Isafjordur town on May 29, 2010.
Duration: Day Tour
Price: 31.000 isk/person

Boat tour
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Flight from and to Reykjavik
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Bring good hiking boots, warm clothes and a rucksack. And don't forget the camera!

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