11.03.2010 - 11:26

Our wish list

We at The Arctic Fox Centre are now setting all our strength into designing and preparing the exhibition. We hope it will become as great for you all as we dream of making it the very best. We have got a lot of nice comments and ideas besides our own, this is all developing now.

For example would we like to hire a good "reader" to educate on the biology and adaption of the arctic fox and tell the story of the foxhunters. Then we could allow the guests to "listen" while walking through the exhibition. To make this possible, we need some equipment, e.g. ipods or mp3 players and headphones.

We also have access to beautiful film fragments of arctic foxes in the wild, playful pups and so on. This would be great to use at the exhibition and allow you to enjoy it with us. Thus we need to have screen and computer system to be able to play it properly.

In the coming month we will visit companies to ask them to help us buying these things we dream of. We also ask our „fox friends" for help, if they can. The idea is to make it possible to buy one player set and/or screen/computer etc.. Those who buy things with us, are listed up as our „angels" on an Honours list that hangs up at the center.
Since the arctic fox centre has a non-profit status, it is likely that a financial support like this could be redrawn from taxes. We also recommend all who wish to support us to join 1% for the planet !