26.03.2010 - 09:13

Our photographer and the Volcano

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Uri Golman, our photographer, came to Iceland few days ago to start on The Arctic Fox Project in Westfjords. Tobias Mennle, who was working a lot with us last summer, filming arctic foxes and other Icelandic nature phenomenon, also arrived to continue with his filming project. The plan was that Uri and Tobias would head to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, with the wildlife-biologist Frank Drygala, to collect material about the life of the foxes during spring, e.g. pairing, mating and establishing territories.
This time they didn´t get to Westfjords since, as most people know, a volcanic eruption started in Eyjafjallajokull area, south of Þórsmörk. Uri and Tobias have been there for the last days and Uri sent us these magnificent photos. Uri just arrived from his last project in India, photographing tigers, you can see all about Uri´s projects on his web page: www.urigolman.com