12.02.2012 - 23:31

Our foxes, through the lense

In March last year we got a visit from a great couple, working on wildlife photographing on their journey to collect photos for a new National Geographic book of Iceland. These were the Haarberg couple, Orsolya and Erlend,great people with a good sence of the magnificent nature of the north.

They went to see our arctic foxes in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and managed to shoot great series of mating behaviour in the snowy landscape of the region. Unnur Jokulsdottir, an Icelandic writer and adventour, wrote the text in the book.

Now, the book was published in the fall and both of them have been rewarded for their work, not surprisingly when you look at the photos in the book and on their web page.

In January, a series of their arctic fox photos were published in the BBC magazine Discover Wildlife. We are so proud on the behalf of the Haarbergs and our foxes - they have now been seen by the world.

Here you can see the book and gallery: http://www.haarbergphoto.com/books
Here is the Magazine: http://www.discoverwildlife.com/gallery/arctic-fox-photo-gallery-orsolya-and-erlend-haarberg