04.10.2009 - 11:41

Open house

From the open house. Photo: Oddny E. Bergsdottir
From the open house. Photo: Oddny E. Bergsdottir
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Saturday 3. October we invited the people of Sudavik to the house where we will open the exhibition of the Arctc Fox Center next spring. 
The house is still being reconstructed and is now raw and cold but very promising. It was pretty cool to introduce our future plans and ideas in the house itself and allow people to use the imagination themselves. 
We got the feeling that people were proud of the house, which is amongst the oldest house in this little village, and excited about the ideas of the center and café.
One guest offered us a precious old shooting gun for the exhibition, a gun owned and used by his grandfather who, as many other farmers in this area, used to shoot foxes to protect his live-stock. We were honored to accept this gift as a large part of the exhibition will mainly be built up by personal belongings of the old fox-hunters. We also presented other objects we have been offered from descendants of old fox hunters in the region. It is inspiring for us to have the locals with us and that they believe in what we are building up in the house of the old farm Eyrardalur.