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One great day in Sśšavķk

Memorial. Photo: Žóršur Siguršsson
Memorial. Photo: Žóršur Siguršsson
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A tour to Súðavík from Ísafjörður!

There are only 20km between Súðavík and Ísafjörður and it takes approximately 15 minutes to drive between these two places. We would like to give you an opportunity to take a bus to Súðavík so you can get to know our town and see all the great things we have to offer. How to get there (The bus goes three times a week). You can also ask for the "fox taxi" at the Information Centre in Isafjordur.

Everything is in walking distance in this beautiful town.

Points of interest on the way to Súðavík, seen out of the bus window:
• Naustahvilft (troll seat) with a great view over to the village "Isafjordur ".
• Birdlife at the shoreline out of Arnardalur: Harlequin ducks, Sea gulls, eiders, loons, divers, Gormorants, Shags, arctic terns, ravens, various vaders. Look out for gyrfalcons, merlins and even white tailed eagle (arctic foxes sometimes appear).
• The oldest (and probably shortest) road tunnel in Iceland, built 1949, through the cliff Arnarneshamar.

Things to do in Súðavík:

The Arctic Fox Centre:
In the Arctic Fox Centre we offer an exhibition about the arctic fox. The exhibition demonstrates the biology and ecology of the arctic fox, the only native land mammal in Iceland, the hunting history and the relationship between foxes and men throughout the centuries. The arctic fox centre is serving as a cultural house with a nice little café, souvenir shop, multi-use loft and the Arctic Fox exhibition. You can have some coffee and homemade cakes or soup, watch a nature film about Iceland (about 50min long), go online (if you bring a computer), write postcards to friends and family, relax on our patio or look at some local handcraft. During the summer we have regular events on the loft: on Friday nights we offer live music. on Saturdays we have a puppet theater and on Sundays we have local arts and handcrafts. Everyday is an arctic fox day and the Arctic Fox Centre conducts and promotes studies and guided tours, focusing on the arctic fox, the only native terrestrial mammal in Iceland.

"The Summertown":
The "old village" Súðavík, hit by an avalanche 1995 - memorial, cross and signs that explain the damage of the avalanche and how the village was rebuilt in the present location in 1996. Now serves as "the summertown" and houses are rented out during the summer. Súðavík camping is located here as well as the diner "Amma Habby".
A short walk to Raggagardur which is a family playground, built up by volunteers and in the memory of Raggi, a local young man who passed away in a car accident ten years ago.

The church:
The church in Súðavík was pre-built in Norway and send to Hesteyri, in the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, as a gift from Norwegian Whalers (Brödrene Bull from Tonsberg in Norway) who had a whale station in Hesteyri. The first formal ceremony took place in the church in Hesteyri on September 3rd 1899. Hesteyri was abandoned by all the inhabitants during 1952 and the church became out of order. It was thus moved to Súðavik in the 1960´s and first served there in the year 1963. For some reasons the people from Hesteyri were never asked for a permission to move the church and therefore it has been referred to as „missing". The people in Súðavík, however, are happy with the church and it serves the habitants well. After all, the people did not steal the church, it was simply the church authorities who made the decision of moving it to a place where there was a need for it. The village of Súðavík is connected to the Norwegian whaling history in the way that the village housed the first Norwegian Whaling station in the Westfjords. At the church you see a memorial of lost sailors and the local graveyard.

Short hiking tours and mountain tops
Valagil: This enjoyable walk is a tour of Seljalandsdalur valley, just above the inner end of Álftafjörður fjord. One particularly interesting spot is the spectacular Valagil.
• Kofri: The local mountain of the village Súðavík. A beautiful mountain with magnificent powers.
• Sauratindar: This rather demanding route, beginning at Súðavík village , goes up grassy slopes to the south of Traðargil gorge. Sometimes it helps to follow the narrow sheep trails. The large glacial cirque above the gorge shows interesting rock features, and no one will regret having reached the top of the mountain with its stupendous view.
• Langeyri is a great place for birdwatching. There are breeding arctic terns, loons, whooper swans and eiders. Please watch from a distance and try not to disturb the birds.

It's good to start and end your journey from the arctic fox centre. We can keep your stuff for you while you walk. You can then end your journey by having something to eat or drink while relaxing at the centre.