19.10.2009 - 10:58

Old things

The drying board from Kristjan Kristjansson
The drying board from Kristjan Kristjansson
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The Arctic Fox Centre has already been given some old things related to foxhunting and skin preparing in the old days. For example a drying board and a foxtong, used to hold foxes from biting while handled but many foxhunters kept young foxes during the summer and fall in gages or islands and fed them until the winter fur was suitable for the market. In those days the price was quite high for a good fur and many of the foxhunters made a good money out of foxhunting. Nowadays the fur of wild foxes is almost valueless since „farmed" fur has overtaken the market.
We were also sent a beautiful guest book, made of fish skin and fox fur by BETA, a leathersmith in Reykjavík.