13.05.2009 - 10:21

News from Norway: first litter born this spring

From the online web-camera
From the online web-camera
From the Norwegian Arctic Fox recovery project we got the news that the first litter of the spring was born on the 3rd of May. It is surprisingly early but another 7 females are still pregnant.

The breeding station in Oppdal, Trondheim began in 2005 with 8 pairs of Arctic foxes. There are fenced areas for each pair and semi-closed fences with feeding stations for those released.

There are artificial dens where online web-cameras are located and one can watch the foxes from here. More informations can be found on the web site: www.nina.no and the contact person for the arctic fox project is Arild Landa.
We at the Arctic Fox Center dream of our own online web-camera but until possible, we keep monitoring the Norwegian one ..