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Mid July

Lítill or Trítill?
Lítill or Trítill?
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July has been quite busy at the Arctic Fox Centre and once again we headed to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve for monitoring fox and human behaviour in popular hiking areas of Cliff Hornbjarg.

Our visitors have been from many countries and the exhibition is getting competition from the café. The breakfast buffet is getting popular and it´s a common Phrase to hear: „one oatmel porrige please“, the chocolate banana cake and apple chocolate cake are great too. It´s a contribution from our helpers and Chloe has definitely mastered the oatmeal rhubarb cake. Now we have Juice with us too, another biologist with passion for baking, exciting to see what she will add to our menu..

For those who travel to Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, it is good to begin with a visit to the exhibition and see the film by Tobias Mennle so that people know what to expect and learn about the foxes before seeing them „in person“ out there – if one gets lucky...

Our little fox cubs have now got names: Lítill (the small one) and Trítill (even smaller one). They are getting braver every day, especially if people bring them some treats, like road killed birds, new fish or leftovers from the barbeque, not to mention the great cat food MURR.

Volunteers: Chris Moore, Josh (Joshua Bradlow), Juice (Juliann Schamel) and Lucie Abolivier went to Hornvik with Ester and Chloe Nater, our intern, during 13. – 20. of July. In short, it rained cats and dogs (foxes) for most of the time but they managed to collect some data and survive this rough tour. Jonas went to see them for a few days but he used to be a ranger there before he joined us at the Arctic Fox Center. It looks as most of the foxes are becoming more shy than they were in June, but not all of them. Furthermore, the breeding success is not 100% since most pairs have lost at least one cub. One pair has even lost all their 6 cubs but they had a bad territory and it seems like the cubs were killed by another foxes.

While the group was staying in Hornvik we had Philippe Beck from Belgium (since last year) and Daniel Friesen from Germany to help around at the centre. Ariane Deuter also came to help and she took these great photos of our cubs, Lítill and Trítill.

Always welcome to the centre – we have open 9-22 all days – you can follow us up on Facebook and Trip advisor too J