15.03.2013 - 09:59

McKinley Black, amazing !!

The singer on our loft !
The singer on our loft !
Our first musical event this year was yesterday when McKinley Black performed at our loft. Everyone who listened became emotional and astonished. Not only has she the greatest voice, she also has the gift of being an amazing storyteller. Her songs got an extra meaning when you had the story behind it. McKinley also got the audience to take part in the singing, which actually turned out to be so much fun and you should have listened to the chorus in the background voices - all from a Portugese folksong into somewhat bluegrass lallallllallalllla......
We thank Svavar Knútur, Rúna Esradóttir, Eggert and Michelle for helping McKinley to get up here. Last but not least we thank our young musician Ivona Yordanova for "heating up" with Eggert and Michelle before the concert.

We certainly hope that McKinley will show up again and perform at our loft, everyone should come and listen to this unforgettable touching music performance of hers. For those who missed the concert, we have her CD´s for sale at the centre.

Thank you McKinley Black, come again soon !!