16.04.2009 - 08:27

Mating season - territories established

Now the mating season is almost over and arctic fox pairs have been establishing their territories, barking at each other in the calm and quiet fjords and walleys. Some lone runners have not found a mate and wander around in case they find someone of the opposite sex and a free space. Those "runners" are probably traveling quite long distances, it would be great to have some of them radio-collared and follow up their tracks.
Eiders perform their courtship behaviour and "uhua" songs at the shoreline, moving a bit further out when an arctic fox passes by. Seals are curiously checking on those arctic foxes walking by and enjoying the early morning walk along the coastline.
Migrating birds are arriving, even though the Westfjords are still covered with snow, ptarmigans are sneaking around in the hills, still wearing their white winter uniform. Seabirds have moved nearer to bird cliffs but still remain at sea.
Looks like the nature is carefully waking up from the white cold winter and the struggle of raising their offspring in the short summer is the main project of the coming months.


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