21.02.2009 - 20:20

International conference

An International conference on Arctic Fox Biology was held in Jämtland in Sweden 16th to 18th February 2009. The participants were scientists that work on Arctic Fox Research programs in various regions of the northern world. The planning and orgainzation was in the hands of Nina Eide at NINA (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research) and Anders Ångerbjörn from The University of Stockholm and SEFALO (The Swedish-Finnish-Norwegian Arctic Fox Project).
There were lectures on various fields of biology and physiology from researches as far apart as Wrangel island, Bylot islands, Svalbard, Alutian islands, Mednyi islands, Scandinavia, Iceland, Finland, Greenland, Alaska, Canada....
Sessions were in the following fields: community ecology (Chair: Rolf Ims ,Tromsø University), behavioural ecology (Chair: Pàll Hersteinsson, University of Iceland), physiology and diseases (Chair: Eva Fuglei, Norwegian Polar Institute), population genetics (Chair: Carles Vilà, Uppsala University) and managment (Chair: Bodil Elmhagen, Stockholm University). 
Mats and Karen at TAIGA nature & photos took care of booking and registration and many other things regarding the conference, that was held in Vålådalen Nature Reserve. "Post-con" tour was up in Sylana, where there are some arctic fox research programs in action.
We at the Arctic Fox Center were happy to join this conference and meet all the important people that have been studying the arctic foxes in various regions of the north. There were a lot of interesting results and many new studys are in process. It is interesting to see how this small canid species has adapted to such a variety of habitats and ecosystems without loosing it´s characteristics. We look forward to get more news and informations from the "two legged arctic foxes" and their studies.