11.06.2009 - 09:58

Hornvik, first tour this summer

Today we will sail to Hornvik to begin our first work with the foxes this summer.
Frank Drygala and Tobias Mennle will continue with their filming on Icelandic wildlife, with special aspect of the Arctic Foxes, the only native terrestrial mammal in Iceland.
Ester and volunteer, Tanja Geis, will continue on the research "tourist effect on arctic fox behaviour" that started last summer in collaboration with The University of Iceland, Research Center of West fjords (www.vest.hi.is).
Ester will also monitor proportion of occupied dens, as has been done the resent years, in collaboration with Natural Research Institute of West fjords (www.nave.is).

This session will last for a week and we will provide you with news and photos as soon as we´ll return