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Have you seen a tagged fox?

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During the summers 2003-2007 an international research project was conducted on arctic foxes in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. It was lead by Dr. Eli Geffen from the University of Tel Aviv and his collaborators, Dr. Miki Cam from the same university, Professor Anders Angerbjörn - Stockholm University, Dr. Eva Fuglei - Norwegian Polar Institute, Dr. Þorleifur Eiríksson - The Natural history Institute of Westfjords and Professor Pall Hersteinsson - University of Iceland. The research main goal was to determine parental investment and contribution to rearing their offspring. Energy use and metabolic rate as well as movements and area use was measured and compared between breeding pairs and non-breeding individuals. During the period of the study, several individuals (both adults and pups) were caught, radio-collared and ear tagged, for identification and so it was possible to record their area use and movements.

We still see some of these foxes in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and we sometimes get photos and locations of tagged animals, for example those two great photos taken by Elma Rún Benediktsdottir in July 31st and August 1st. This photo shows a blue male which was tagged in Hornvik as an adult in the spring 2007, which means that it's at least four years old.
It would be nice to have more photos from everyone who have seen tagged foxes, with information about date and location. You can send the photos to The Nature History Institute (nave@nave.is) and/or The Arctic Fox Center (melrakki@melrakki.is).

We are also happy to get all good photos of arctic foxes you meet in Iceland, to enlarge our online web-gallery. If you want to take part in the collection, please send us your photos on melrakki@melrakki.is
All good stories are also accepted...