06.12.2012 - 16:16

Gifts and memories from last summer

Jéróme and Clémentine on Cliff Hornbjarg in June
Jéróme and Clémentine on Cliff Hornbjarg in June
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The Arctic Fox Centre has now been turned into a temporary Christmas house and we celebrate the Advent with all those who want to share the charity and happiness of the season with us.
On Friday we have soup and concert night and on Sundays we have Advent Sunday café with handcraft holiday gift market on the loft.
We still focus on what we stand for and the exhibition is always open, ready for a studio photographing for personal Christmas cards - including our foxes etc..
Besides all this Christmas fun, we also work on reports from the last summer's monitoring in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve.
As we are going through the field books with the data, it is nice to see the personal notes and re-experience it all again. It is also nice to get personal letters from all the people who helped us through the summer monitoring, as well as those who came and helped at the centre. Today we received a package from Jéróme and Clémentine, our friends from France, who took part in the June monitoring in Hornvik. The package included a beautiful letter, a CD with the photos of the monitoring, my favourite French "Les 2 Marmottes" tea and what I seem to be obsessed with in the field: A THERMOS !! does that sound familiar to someone ...?
I am more than grateful, it's lovely to be reminded of last summers adventures - now in the darkest period of the year ..

Thank you all - volunteers of 2012 - hope to see you again !

Ester and the other foxes

p.s. the schedule for next years monitoring will be on the web page in January - follow us up !!