23.03.2010 - 14:53

French video from Hornstrandir

Hælavíkurbjarg bird cliff in a fog. Photo: The Arctic Fox Centre
Hælavíkurbjarg bird cliff in a fog. Photo: The Arctic Fox Centre
French tourists who hiked in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve last summer, have published two great videos of the tour on youtube.
On these videos, you see the magnificent landscape of the area and sense the strength of the weather and nature.
The wildlife you see is the characteristic fauna of the Nature Reserve: in the huge birdcliffs you see kittiwakes (also those bathing in the lake), guillemoths, brünnich guillemot, even puffins (rare in fox area), razorbills and fulmars. The arctic fox´s female with the pups is of the blue colour morph and look how tame they are - this is because The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is a sanctuary for the arctic foxes, they are protected there as well as the other wildlife in the region.
Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is the arctic fox paradise in Iceland and for all who wish to enjoy wildlife and magnificent landscape, we recommend a hiking tour out there.

We hope it´s ok for us to set the link to the videos on our web page, it looks as the owner is Julian Vallette and we just wish to thank him. The music played with the video is from the Icelandic band Sigurros and fits quite well.

you can see the former video here
and the latter on (with the foxes) here